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About HV Engineering, LLC

HV Engineering, LLC is a consulting and engineering firm in Houston, Texas, formed to provide high-voltage (HV) and extra-high-voltage (EHV) expertise for industrial and utility clients. Some of our services include client representation, design review, root cause of failure investigation, electrical system evaluations and studies, and personnel training. Dominik Pieniazek, P.E., Mike Furnish, P.E., and Doug Durand, P.E. are the principals at HV Engineering, LLC, with almost 100 years of combined experience.

Dominik's Background

Engineering executive with a proven record of leadership and hands-on experience and over 28 years of experience, he has served in multiple capacities for the overall design and construction of HV and EHV substation projects through 765 kV. Dominik began his careers as a Field Service Engineer, and has been involved with all phases of engineering and construction of projects, maintenance services, and client interaction. His progression included Project Engineer, Senior Consulting Engineer, Technical Director, and, eventually, Vice President of a large Houston engineering office. Dominik provides an exceptionally wide range of expertise and he has presented at NETA, IEEE CED, IEEE IAS, and PCIC. Dominik has been very active in the Houston IEEE Continuing Education on Demand (CED) program, and he is currently chairman of the Houston IEEE CED technical committee.

Mike's Background

Engineering executive with over 36 years of experience in the electricity delivery business, Mike has experience in overhead and underground design of 12 kV and 35 kV distribution circuits, high-voltage substations of up to 345 kV, and detail design, including physical, protection, and SCADA. Mike was a supervisor of the CenterPoint relay group responsible for the transmission and distribution relay settings, including electromechanical relays and microprocessor relays. Mike's responsibilities included all aspects of protection systems, including development of test procedures, field testing, and coordination of outage sequences. Mike has been responsible for all aspects of substation design work for utilities including CenterPoint, PG&E, Entergy, CLECO, TNMP, and many industrial customers.

Doug's Background

Engineering executive with over 32 years of experience in power system studies and industrial power system design. Doug began his career in the System Planning Department of West Texas Utilities performing load flow and dynamic stability studies on the ERCOT system. He next joined Brown & Root and initially worked in the Electrical Technical Services Group (ETSG), a dedicated group whose sole focus is performing a wide range of power system studies. Doug has performed countless studies including load flow, motor starting, short-circuit, overcurrent coordination, arc-flash, harmonics, transient stability, underground ampacity, and relay protection and configuration. He is experienced in both in ETAP and SKM Power*Tools. After many years executing projects Doug returned to ETSG as the lead and later rose to the position of KBR's Chief Technology Engineer for Electrical. Doug is active in the Houston IEEE Continuing Education on Demand (CED) program and has presented multiple sessions on power system studies.